Services, fees and vouchers

Readings (30min - £25)

Offer you guidance and insight into what is going on for you. Questions you may have are:

  • Where am I going in life?
  • How can I have an easier time in relationships?
  • How can I improve my health?
  • How can I support my child(ren) to be happy and fulfilled?


Consultations (60-90min - £65, subsequent consultations - £50)

Consultations give you a deeper insight into yourself, guiding you through times of crisis, pain or confusion and helping you to take steps towards a fulfilled and happy life. They last 60-80 minutes, are confidential and can be recorded for you. They are an interactive guidance as opposed to a classical reading, which means we are in dialogue. I don’t predict events, as just the act of becoming aware of what is inside us, means we don't have to act it out....therefore our future has changed. Rather, I look with you, which aspects of your inner make up are about to be challenged by life and offer a way to deal with those creatively.

Personal Annual Horoscopes (£50)

A personal annual horoscope is a written summary about what is ahead of you on your journey through life. Again, I don’t predict events, instead I talk about what parts of your psyche or characters of your inner story are about to be challenged or supported and I suggest creative ways to deal with it.

The Personal Annual Horoscope can be bought as a gift. It comes in a binding which I can send out by post or I can email.


Readings £25.00
Astrological consultation (incl. recording) £65.00
Astrological consultation for two (incl. recording) £70.00
Subsequent consultations (incl. recording) £50.00
Personal Annual horoscope £55.00

Please see an example of a personal annual horoscope, click on the image above

If you would like to work with me over time, i.e mentoring/ counselling, I offer a package of 3 sessions for £135 or 6 sessions for £250.


Gift Vouchers

To buy a gift voucher or find out more about it please contact me.

To book:

  1. Contact me with your date, place and time of birth together with your contact details. It is possible to draw up your chart without the time; it just means we’ll have less information about you.
  2. Pay the fee via Paypal or cheque 
  3. When I have received payment I will call you to confirm your consultation

Cancellation Policy

An Astrological Consultation can require a lot of preparation prior to the appointment. Therefore, if you wish to cancel, please give me 2 working days notice or you will be charged the 'subsequent consultations' fee. If you wish to cancel an Astrology reading, please give me 24 hours notice or you will be charged half the fee.

If you need to cancel your appointment because of illness or an emergency, please call me asap and we will re-arrange for no extra fee.